Shores of Grace

On February 22 it is National Be Humble Day. For the next few weeks I am spotlighting ministers and ministries that labor for Christ without having to be constantly in the spotlight, without ceremonial fanfare, or promoting their own qualities and leadership. They gladly spend themselves for others without recognition.

Danielle Pagnanella is a young lady I had the privilege of getting to know in the early days of Inner City Outreach in Springfield. She would come ready to work, laboring to help those in need each week, never complaining, always willing to do whatever needed to be done. She always had a smile on her face even if she was sweeping the floors. Her devotion to the work of Christ was never about herself, but rather being a helping hand behind the scene was her special gift.

Today she is still quietly laboring for her Jesus. She is apart of Shores of Grace which is a worship and missionary ministry currently headquartered in Recife, Brazil. Danielle’s work with Shores of Grace mainly consists of working with a team to reach and disciple women in prostitution. Danielle participates in evangelism and outreach to persons of low economic status, homeless and/or drug-addicted people in the inner city of Recife. Their focus is setting those in prostitution and abuse free and walking them through restoration; taking the love of the Father to the poor and the broken and helping them see their true value. The goal of the staff is to reveal Father God in all that they do. Whether leading worship in a church, walking the streets of Brazil or shopping at the local grocery store, they want to reveal the Father. This is the calling that God has placed on their lives and it’s a calling for the whole church.

I’m thankful to have known Danielle even if it was for a short time. Thank you Father and the Lord Jesus Christ for the quiet servants sprinkled across the planet for the glory of God. Please feel free to visit their website. Shores of Grace