Making Disciples

In the bible the word “Christian” may be found around 2-3 times. The word “Disciple” can be found over 200 times. Jesus was the great example of how to do relational discipleship. He took twelve men and did life with them. Over time, these young men grew spiritually by listening and understanding the teachings of Jesus and by his example of day to day life. These twelves men gained personal understanding of Jesus as a friend and teacher and then as Savior, Lord and High Priest. At Embassy, our focus is growing in understanding and knowing Christ for all its worth. Over time we too will grow into deeper levels of spiritual maturity so we can walk worthy of God’s calling on our life.

Great Things Happen in Circles

Embassy of Hope believes in small groups. On Wednesday nights and throughout the week there will be a small group of people who are building relationships and growing in their faith. It can be a safe place to share your heart and grow in spiritual understanding.

Usually, we share a small meal or snacks, then break off into the Journey Through Life groups or other small bible studies. These groups provide several stages of growth in understanding God and the Lord Jesus. We start off with the basic building blocks of what it means to be a disciple of Christ, and then grow from there. This is a great time to build relationships with each other and grow spiritually at the same time.

Fellowship Sunday’s

The last Sunday of each month is Fellowship Sunday. This is a full service without small groups. We sing more songs, have testimonies, teaching from the bible, baptisms, we remember our Lord Jesus in Communion, and then afterwards share a meal as a church family.

Children and Youth Ministry

The purpose of Children and Youth Ministry is to unleash within these generations of tomorrow-a heartfelt passion for Jesus Christ. As leaders, we endeavor to create a secure environment that will encourage and prepare these young people to develop a lasting commitment to God, building faith, trust, and confidence in them through the application of God’s Word that will reflect His Love and compassion for others. Our purpose is to teach them discipline and instill lifelong values of honesty and integrity as we equip them to live each day as Jesus would have them live and be witnesses to others by setting positive examples to those around them.