Location – Hawthorne Park

Parkfest is a community service event for our area by Embassy of Hope in Springfield Missouri.  Every Saturday starting at 12 noon from June through August you can come to Hawthorne Park and enjoy a free lunch and meet some new friends. Please feel free to bring your lawn chair and Look for the sign, “parkfest.”

1      why parkfest?

Embassy of Hope has always reached out into our community to offer a helping hand to those in need both spiritually and physically. This is just another way we choose to offer that help.

2      what can you expect?

We will be providing a lunch each Saturday at 12 noon. Meals will vary from BBQ to sandwiches. We will also provide diapers for young mothers. Please bring your child with you to receive diapers.

3      what about the weather & cancellations?

Just know that every Saturday from June 24th through September 9th we will provide parkfest for our neighbors starting at 12 noon. You will only be given this one flyer at the start of the season so make sure you put this on your refrigerator so you can remember to come every Saturday. In case of bad weather we will not hold parkfest for that Saturday. So if you do not see us and it is storming then know it has been canceled and you can return next week as weather permits.

4      who is embassy of hope?

Embassy of Hope is a church family located at 1316 West Webster Street. We meet every week on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Each week we offer further help with a small food pantry and diapers every Sunday as you leave. Wednesday night we have an informal bible study starting at 6:00 p.m. We invite you to come as you are and meet others who are learning how to follow Jesus.

EMBASSY OF HOPE * 1316 West Webster Street * 417-773-4103 *