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No Titles, Logos, Egos—And the Results Are Miraculous

February 22nd is National Be Humble day and we are continuing to spotlight men and women who are leaving behind the marketing madness of this modern church age, selfie driven ministries, and taking the focus off of themselves and putting it back on God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Meet Tommy and Rachel Deuschle. Tommy Deuschle, pastor and leader at Celebration Church in Harare, Zimbabwe, had a dream to change all of that. But he’ll be the first to say he couldn’t do it alone. He and other rising young leaders in Zimbabwe teamed up over the last couple years to put together Stadium Worship, interdenominational events dedicated to fostering unity among the country’s divided churches. “The event was really just to say Read More …


Samuel Zwemer – Faithful No Matter the Outcome

On February 22nd, 2020 it will be National Be Humble Day.  It seems today that the greatest attention in ministry is given to those who place themselves in the spotlight. We want to spotlight men and women who most likely you have never heard of who labored faithfully unto the glory of God without fanfare. Some missionaries are known for their great fruit, their many converts, churches they started, or hospitals they helped build. Samuel Zwemer is not known for these things. After 38 years of missions work throughout Arabia, the Persian Gulf, Egypt and Asia Minor, Samuel had seen his efforts produce fewer than 12 conversions to Christianity. Yet producing converts was not the ultimate goal for Samuel. The man who would become known Read More …